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Legal Services

At Bartholomew Law Office we can handle many different types of legal cases. Some common legal issues that we assist with are division of assets, maintenance, and child custody. Feel free to approach Bartholomew Law Offices in criminal or felony matters, personal injury, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, wrongful death suits, and adoption cases.

When it comes to legal issues, the paperwork is difficult enough. If you cannot navigate the twists and turns and properly interpret the law, you could end up paying unnecessarily in cash or with years of your life. The experienced attorneys at Bartholomew Law Office will take care of you and make sure justice is done for you and your family.

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Custody and Child Cases

Cases involving children and or family are often difficult and fraught with stress and emotion. Enter Bartholomew Law Office. Our professional, discreet attorneys can gather the facts of your case with minimal stress to you, and offer options and solutions without bleeding you dry of funds.

Don't trust your case with just anybody. Oftentimes legal matters can be drawn out, expensive, and downright painful. At Bartholomew Law Offices, we seek to avoid that making sure your case gets heard, and is fairly executed in the courtroom. Visit us today in Shawano, WI for a consultation and don't let your legal issues hang over you any longer than necessary.

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Marriage and Divorce

Bartholomew Law Office understands that both marriage and divorce are a part of life. Our attorneys will handle each case with the professionalism and discretion that it deserves. In these cases Bartholomew Law Office seeks to open a line of communication between both parties and come to a solution that is agreeable to all. We are a client-centered firm our one priority is hearing your case, and getting the issue, whatever it is solved with minimal fuss.

For contracts, agreements, and other legal paperwork come to us for a clear explanation and we'll make sure all paperwork is in order before it is signed and delivered. Call today at 715-524-626 and ask how we can help you.
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