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Our Team

Our team of attorneys discussing a case

Our Team

Unfortunately sometimes you find yourself in need of a divorce attorney. If that happens call us at Bartholomew Law Office. Our team of experienced and discreet lawyers will guide you through what is often a painful process and make sure your case is heard and treated fairly. For attorneys that are understand, supportive, and happy to answer questions call us today in Shawano, WI.

Our team will help you develop a strategy for any legal case that you bring to us, and we won't charge you unfairly to hear your case, and figure out a solution. At Bartholomew Law Office you will feel heard, and the weight of world will lift off your shoulders knowing that something as difficult as a serious legal case, is now in the hands of true experts.

How we represent you

Your results are our top priority. Our attorneys hear your story, give advice, and do copious research, to make sure you get the justice you deserve. For family, criminal, bankruptcy or cases involving children Bartholomew Law Office can help. We are proud to serve Shawano, WI and the 5 surrounding counties. Helping clients solve their legal issues gives us great pride, and the subsequent relief is worth it. Visit our offices today to schedule a consultation.
Our attorney in our office in Shawano, WI
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