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For family law cases in the Shawano, WI area, contact Bartholomew Law Office. Our law practice can help in all areas of family law, including custody, marriage or divorce, adoptions and child support.

With reasonable fees and a wealth of experience and knowledge there's no reason not to call if you need to resolve a legal matter. The attorneys at our law practice don't just practice family law either. We specialize in criminal law, personal injury, bankruptcy and more. In your time of need, choose the discreet and professional attorneys at Bartholomew Law Office today.

Family Attorneys you can trust

Hiring an attorney is often very expensive. In the case of Bartholomew Law Office in Shawano, Wi this is not the case. Far from being prohibitively expensive, we are reasonably priced, and focus our energy on helping all of our clients in many different types of cases.

At the Bartholomew Law Office, communication is key. We'll get all the facts and do thorough research before coming to a conclusion about your case and what your next steps should be. Whether you end up going to court or settling, our law practice focuses on what's right for you and your family. Call us today 715-524-6262 and find out how we can win your case for you.
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